World AIDS Day aware 2023 - 1 December, Friday

By Sivori

Recent advances in HIV treatments and testing mean we can now end the HIV epidemic by getting people to test more, treat early and stay safe. But unfortunately, some attitudes haven’t changed. Stigma can have profound impacts on people living with HIV, and it can prevent those at risk from seeking resources and getting tested.

Your contribution to the Red Ribbon Appeal and Red Ribbon Week will help ACON continue its work in preventing new HIV transmissions, tacking HIV stigma and support people living with HIV.

Big or small – it’s up to you. Every little bit counts.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you for your support.

Late 1992 on 30 December - my first "young" lover whom was smitten by Sydney looking back now myself being 47yo - then respectively being seventeen & eighteen. My then beau decided to end his life abruptly prior to NYE 1992 and sadly since then he passed away from having had had enough of - to & from ... club here - this club. Having a drink over mates. Being young and suffering from the endemic AIDS 

HIV/AIDS isn't easy on the health factor for a donation from our local affiliates eg: governments - which in the end of our fiscal pocket - I'm asking for a tit for tat - tug of war on our sands of the small amount above of $1500 to better ACON and their much needed resources. A meal, palliative care bed, a coffee for a nurse, new clothing for someone that has "forgotten themselves" ... a train/rail fare to see gran - pops/lover or their child - the list goes on.

ACON became somewhere after Wayne dying that I came to pickup the dance floor and heartbeat of Oxford Street - always on the lookout for the younger lads even now at Twenty10 for that big brother advice on whom, where, how & why. And: mellowing out in the sunset of the gold coin donation of Fair Day and seeing men & women come together and forget death & dying 

Part of donating - myself last and updates throughout until the end of the fundraiser 

To those whom understand a health professional can be with a patient for five minutes and it could both effect their lives in different tangents and see the same rainbow and be at the same crossing with or without any help 



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Friday 1st Dec
2015 hrs (AEST) ... only a few hours to pit your gold coin donation or your monies as well as my $20 donation to ACON www 'Red Ribbon Appeal' 2023

Thank you to the 54 men & women whom took the time to view my bio & photographs that to me means what one suffers or does go through having HIV/AIDS thus far today - 1 December, 2023 and well ... to the tearful & cheerie to the men and women whom did die of the endemic starting early 80s

Thank you - enjoy & a very big hello to your fellow colleagues and mates whom are going to have a good day or a bad day the New 2024 impending


(1975 - 1992)

Take care & travel safe!

Hi guys & welcome

Wednesday 25th Oct
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Feel free to donate until 1 December (World AIDS Day)