Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find the answer to some commonly asked questions about the Red Ribbon Appeal, World AIDS Day and Red Friday.

What is World AIDS Day?

World AIDS Day is held on 1 December each year. It was founded in 1988 and it is observed with the red ribbon. World AIDS Day give us the opportunity to remember those we have lost to an AIDS-related illness, and to show our support and solidarity for people living with HIV.

What is the Red Ribbon Appeal?

The Red Ribbon Appeal is the annual fundraising drive of ACON, NSW’s leading HIV and sexuality and gender diverse health organisation. The appeal runs throughout the month of the November and culminates on World AIDS Day (December 1). Funds raised from the Red Ribbon Appeal go towards programs and services that prevents new HIV transmissions, tackle HIV stigma and support people living with HIV.

I want to volunteer for the Red Ribbon Appeal. What can I do?

There are many ways to help with the Red Ribbon Appeal. You can volunteer to sell Red Ribbon merchandise at a stall in the lead up to, and on World AIDS Day. This year, we are selling red ribbon on Friday 29 November, Saturday 30 November and Sunday 1 December. Or you can collect donations at theatre performances and other fundraisers. There are a number of Red Ribbon Appeal events throughout November. 

How do I register as a volunteer?

We’d love for you to be part of Red Ribbon Appeal. Registration is easy and can be done online. There are a number of days, shifts and locations to choose from. You can register to be a volunteer here


What is Red Friday?

The last Friday of November is Red Friday – a time for Australians to host a red themed event at work or in their communities and raise vital funds and awareness for World AIDS Day. In 2019, the official date is Friday 29 November, but you can host your event on any Friday in November. In fact, you can do your activity or event on any day in November.

Red Friday is a Red Ribbon Appeal initiative.

Find out more about Red Friday here.

You can also download the Red Friday Information Pack here. 

I want to host my own fundraiser for Red Friday. How do I register?

Amazing! Hosting your own fundraising activity or event on Red Friday is a great way to support the Red Ribbon Appeal.

Getting started is super easy. Simply register online in the Red Friday page here.

Why do I need to register?

Registering your event is crucial as it will allow us to send you the resources you’ll need to help make your fundraiser a success like a welcome pack and posters. And there’s also some other important stuff that you’ll need too, like your ‘Authority to Fundraise’ letter.

Can I sell red ribbons at my workplace?

Yes! You can support the Red Ribbon Appeal by selling red ribbons at your workplace. Many organisations order counter-top boxes while others choose to sell red ribbons in their office lobby in the lead up to, or on, World AIDS Day. Read more about getting involved through work here.

Contact us and we’ll assist you and your workplace in getting involved with the Red Ribbon Appeal. Contact us here.

How does my fundraising money help?

Funds raised from the Red Ribbon Appeal helps ACON’s work in preventing new HIV transmissions, tackling HIV stigma and supporting people living with HIV.  

ACON promotes education campaigns, operates HIV and STI testing facilities, runs sexual health workshops, provides a range of support services and distributes hundreds of thousands of free condoms every year throughout NSW.

We also help people with HIV live with confidence, independence and the best possible health. Many rely on the information and services we provide, especially those who are newly diagnosed with the virus as well as those who require in home care. Some of these services, such as our meal services and community development activities for people living with HIV, don’t attract any government funding and rely on donations from the community.

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