GAME ON! EC's Red Ribbon Roundup

By Ec Smith

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Please support my Red Ribbon fundraiser and help make an impact this World AIDS Day.

If only we could programme "life".

It's 2021. We've reached scientific and technological heights unimaginable in eras gone by.

Just this past year has shown us how progressive we are globally in the development of treating illness and viruses, how swiftly minds can come together and create solutions.

We've cracked the code to many a medical marvel. Sadly, when it comes to HIV as a virus, we're yet to. More soberly, as humans, we're also yet to figure out the path to accepting HIV without stigma.

Your contribution to the Red Ribbon Appeal and Red Ribbon Week will help ACON continue its work in preventing new HIV transmissions, tacking HIV stigma and support people living with HIV.

So Game On! Bring it!

Let's play this out, and level up as a society, until we've found a way to defeat both the clinical and social battle that is HIV. 

Be epic. Donate today! 

With thanks - EC

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$222 - thanking you!

Thursday 25th Nov
I've updated the total off my offline fundraising to reflect donations received since Sunday.

Thank you so much to the special people in my life whom helped. You know who you are! 

Stay safe, feel appreciated, and, GAME ON!

Outreach Event 1st December Harbour Town

Thursday 25th Nov
A stall will be hosted just inside Harbour Town to promote AIDS Awareness Week in Adelaide. 
The stall will provide resources to assist in health promotion of 40 years of HIV, as well as friendly faces.

All merchandise is available at no cost, organisers ask and appreciate conversation over money! <3

Show your support, City Slickers and Visitors alike! Game On!
Huge thanks to all that support this fundraising!




Ec Smith