Ending HIV


Help Us End HIV Transmission In NSW By 2020

Our Ending HIV initiative aims to educate gay men – the population group in NSW most at risk from HIV – about the real possibility that HIV transmission in NSW could be virtually eliminated by 2020 as a result of advances in testing technologies, HIV treatments and prevention strategies.

The campaign seeks to educate gay men about three key activities they need to undertake to help end the epidemic:

1) Test Often – sexually active gay men need to get tested for HIV at least twice a year, as this is the only way that undiagnosed infections can be decreased and access to treatment can be increased

2) Treat Early – advances in HIV medicines offer improved health benefits for people living with HIV and can reduce traces of the virus in their body to an undetectable level, significantly reducing the likelihood of them transmitting HIV

3) Stay Safe – condoms, PrEP and other risk reduction strategies remain central to the fight against HIV so gay men need to maintain a culture of safe sex

Launched in 2013, the campaign forms a key part of the NSW HIV Strategy 2012-2015, a plan to reduce HIV transmission among gay men in NSW by 80% by 2020.

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Help Us Be Here For HIV Prevention

We’re here to help end HIV transmission among gay and homosexually active men by helping them test often, treat early and stay safe. We do this by promoting education campaigns, operating HIV and STI testing facilities, running gay health workshops, providing a range of support services and distributing hundreds of thousands of free condoms every year throughout NSW.

Our HIV prevention programs and services are getting results, especially our a[TEST] rapid HIV testing facilities which have proven very popular with gay men. However if we’re to realise our goal of eliminating HIV by the end of the decade, we need to get a lot more gay men to test frequently, start treatment early and continue safe sex practices. With over 250,000 gay men in NSW, this will take a lot more resources than we currently have.

Help Us Be Here For HIV Support

We want to help people with HIV live with confidence, independence and the best possible health. Over 12,000 people in NSW live with HIV and many rely on the information and services we provide, especially those who are newly diagnosed with the virus as well as those who require in home care. Some of these services, such as our meal services and community development activities for people living with HIV, don’t attract any government funding and rely on donations from the community.